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Graham Blair is in TORONTO!

You have three more days to go check out the ONE OF A KIND SHOW down at the Enercare Centre, Exibition Place. Make sure you look out for Graham Blair Woodcuts, his artistry and skill is impeccable. He truly is one of a kind. His prints are perfect for Christmas gifts, although you might fall in love with Jack Sheep and want to take him home for yourself. Kind, warm and open this stunning artist awaits you.

The Woodcut Process

"Each of my print editions begins as a sketch transferred onto a piece of hardwood which I then carve in relief using a combination of knives and gouges. Although I do not make Japanese-style prints, my process of making woodcuts is informed by Japanese methods where a bevelled knife is used to do most of the cutting and gouges with different curvatures are used to remove the non-image area. Each impression is hand-printed by burnishing (or rubbing) the back of the paper with a bamboo spoon after the block has been inked." - Graham Blair

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