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Ana Claudette Groppler began her teaching journey working as a camp counselor at The Dramaworkshop (Doogster Productions), a Musical Theatre summer camp that teaches children Dance, Theatre, and Voice Work.  Groppler taught at Pia Bouman’s School of Ballet and Creative Movement for 5 years, teaching Early Dance Ballet, Primary Ballet, Adult Beginner Contemporary Dance, Conditioning, and Theatre Arts, a new program at the school spearheaded by Groppler in 2015.  She also teaches Theatre, Creative Movement, and Yoga for kids and other Team Building classes for kids of all ages.  A passionate educator, she believes that teaching gives her the opportunity to share a kinesthetic knowledge of the body, and a deep love of dance.  




breath and flow

Find your individual healing journey through dance.


help heal your own body

“Moving through life accepting the pains and injuries I had, I finally came to realize I wanted to change that, I didn’t deserve that pain, that pain could be changed. Which meant dedicating myself further, digging deeper into knowledge of functional strength and body mechanics. “ - Ana

Finding love for movement, while feeling comfortable learning something new!!

“Studying theatre can be a great starting point for careers such as teaching, law, and politics, not to mention broadcasting and performing. And the ability to speak confidently in front of a group is a boon for any career.” - Kimberly Haynes

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photo by Jeremy Wulkan 

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