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Ana Claudette Groppler began her teaching journey working as a camp counselor at The Dramaworkshop (Doogster Productions), a Musical Theatre summer camp that teaches children Dance, Theatre, and Voice Work.  Groppler teaches at Pia Bouman’s School of Ballet and Creative Movement, teaching Early Dance Ballet, Primary Ballet, Adult Beginner Contemporary Dance, Conditioning, and Theatre Arts, a new program at the school spearheaded by Groppler in 2015.  She also teaches Theatre, Creative Movement, and Yoga for kids and other Team Building classes for kids of all ages.  A passionate educator, she believes that teaching gives her the opportunity to share a kinesthetic knowledge of the body, and a deep love of dance.  



Free introductory class!

Monday evenings filled with dance at Pia Bouman School on Noble street! Starting at 6 pm we will dive into body exploration, technique training and more!

Free introductory class!

Whether you are recovering from injury or searching to become stronger, this is the right place for you. Come and GET FIT with us early Saturday mornings at the Pia Bouman school. You won't regret it!

Free introductory class!

We are so excited to be starting our very own THEATRE ARTS PROGRAM for kids this year at the Pia Bouman School. 

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