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Photography by Omar Makhlouf

This class is currently not located at any studio, but is available. Please Click on the button below for more info


"Moving my body is a way I express myself. When I move my body I feel powerful, free and full of joy. As women we have a strength that lives in our bodies: as maidens, as mothers, as crones. The cycles and forces of nature live in us."

- Ana Groppler
If you have never danced before, or are a beginner at dance technique you are welcome to join us in our exploration and learning.


With Teacher, Ana Groppler, students are introduced to the basics of Modern and Contemporary dance, exploring a mixture of styles and techniques; students gain strength, flexibility and have a lot of fun along the way! This class will begin with a conditioning warm up to teach you how to prevent injury and to bring you more body awareness and strength to specific muscles and joints. Feeling free and comfortable in our bodies is what we will be gaining as we dance together, contributing to our radiant lives.

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