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Theatre fosters individuality and helps build self-esteem by encouraging children to work together and think creatively. In this program we build imagination around voice and movement, adding new abilities and complimenting the ballet repertoire. This Theatre Arts program focuses on encouraging children to concentrate on the refinement of their cooperation skills, acquire confidence, and have fun. We will learn basic theatre skills like pronunciation, improvisation, exploring character, text memorization, and more. We will play trust and cooperation games inviting them to develop compassion and reliance. We will explore props and costumes as we put together a play to showcase all of our hard work during the year. By learning to express their feelings and playing with the art of theatre, we are giving students the opportunity to open their horizons to new experiences and artistry. I am very excited to begin this new step for PBS as we open up the doors to Theatre Arts for all the children to explore.
“Studying theatre can be a great starting point for careers such as teaching, law, and politics, not to mention broadcasting and performing. And the ability to speak confidently in front of a group is a boon for any career.” - Kimberly Haynes

With students Ruby and Julia

All Photos taken by Marlowe Porter